A True Story

This is the true story of an incident long forgotten and never mentioned in the history books or by the media.

In order to get a perspective – we are now at year 2013 (when this web site was constructed).

Seventy one years ago this event occurred.

I myself was not around in those days. I was born in 1951 – nine years after this incident took place.

Many of you born in 1994 when the internet was barely getting noticed, are 19 years old in 2013. You have no clue as to what us “grown ups” have endured in the 1960′s – 1970′s – 1980′s – 1990′s and the present time. You have no idea what happened in the 1940′s to the 1960′s and the present regarding the UFO phenomenon.

In today’s times, You Tube has an enormous amount of UFO sightings captured on camcorders and iPhones from all over the world. It’s a curiosity, BUT it is still ridiculed by the media and on occasion Government and White House Officials including presidents.

So you go on and continue “being” yourselves not knowing that in 1942 our military went to war against an intruder that flew into our air-space eleven weeks after we had been attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. I am sure you have heard of the Pearl Harbor incident because it has been rehashed over and over again by the media.

What they never mention is that on February 25, 1942 at 2:25 am, a visitor hovered over Culver City California for three hours, was shot at by military artillery fire (12 pound anti-aircraft shrapnel) and the object was never shot down. It was 500 feet in diameter at a distance of 5000 feet.

It didn’t return fire and after it visited us that night, many of the million people who witnessed the event told their stories to the press that following morning. The news media in those times was not bought and controlled by the government. They actually reported on the military and officials keeping them in check.

However, after The Battle of Los Angeles, the Media was taken control of by our Government, The White House and the Pentagon on the subject of UFOs. Especially this incident that for three and a half hours this unknown visitor was fired at and was never brought down.

The event was put aside and not kept in reports “for the war effort” as they were told by Officials. After all, IF our military could not bring down a target after firing constantly at it for three hours, it would have created the worst panic on Americans – especially after the attack on Pearl Harbor just weeks before.

Thus began the myth about UFOs. Before the Battle of Los Angeles, it was acknowledged that UFOs were real. In fact Army and Air Force officials went on film, television and had press conferences urging “citizens who witnessed a UFO to report it to their local authorities or military base nearest them. They told the people that by doing this, they would be doing “a Patriotic Service” to their country. The Military (after investigating UFOs) made the Official announcement that UFOs were not a threat to “National Security.”

This was the first time the “weather balloon” claim was used to explain away a UFO incident.¬†Five years later the same claim would be used to explain away the Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947.

The Battle of Los Angeles motion picture reveals what has been hidden about the incident. Those of you of all ages will at last – see how UFOs have been suppressed and their existence denied to you.

IF CNN News was to do a 24 hour report on UFO sightings throughout the world (just for one day), it would appear we are being invaded by extraterrestrials. That’s how often UFOs are being seen, filmed and reported throughout the world daily.

You can laugh, ridicule and discount everything about them, BUT the facts are they are very real. They have been among civilizations on earth for thousands of years and are not going away anytime soon. Some are good – some are bad – just like we have good and bad officials running our country.

The Battle of Los Angeles is a film that will turn the tide and end official denial.

This is the TRUE STORY you must see.

- – Jose Escamilla

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  1. How’s this? The general in charge of the Los Angeles-area Civil Defense who gave the order to fire upon the “thing” was none other than George C. Marshall, (of the Marshall Plan for post-war Europe) and later Sec’y. Of State under Truman.

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